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A growing number of schools are now considering outsourcing and co-sourcing their IT support in order to keep up with the constant changes in technology and minimise overall support costs. As moving to the cloud continues to help schools drive down expenditure and enhance learning, educational institutions of all sizes are also beginning to look for IT partners who can not only help them transition to the cloud, but provide ongoing IT support and expertise as the breadth of available technologies develops.

Outsourcing IT support allows schools to transfer the risk of day-to-day mishaps and any other risks associated with IT to the service provider, as well as providing cover for sickness and holidays.

It also minimises any disruptions from technology, as IT partners providing managed services to schools can run proactive checks on the school's systems throughout the day to instantly pick up and rectify issues before they become a problem. Conversely, co-sourcing IT support can fill in gaps in internal expertise and save schools time, money, and effort in recruiting additional staff. By combining services from within the school and from a well-chosen partner, both parties can work to achieve the same goals.

Perhaps the greatest motivator of all is no longer simply about cost, but about addressing the widening technology skills gap; in today’s competitive marketplace and with technology moving at such a rapid pace, schools are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit the right type of in-house IT specialists to support them.

EDU365 can help you solve all these issues by providing a comprehensive and competitive Outsourced IT services solution.


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EDU365 is a specialist Educational IT partner that is focused on driving down the operational costs of IT provision at your school or group of schools. Our expert team can provide your school with innovative, educationally appropriate IT solutions and support together with a range of consultancy services designed to identify areas of efficiency, security and operational improvement for your IT infrastructure.

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