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Reading Cloud - School Library Management

Capita Reading Cloud is a market-leading online library management system, designed for both Junior and Senior school pupils. Reading Cloud provides everything you need to create and develop a dynamic online library portal - the centre for research and learning in your school.

Make reading fun for students
Students can download books onto computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices from an integrated eBook library, putting the fun back into reading.

Engage with parents
Parents can log in to the parent portal of your school’s Learning Platform or VLE, allowing them to instantly view their child’s reading activity.

Dynamic and intuitive searching
Provides a unique range of search options, designed to suit the needs of students of all academic levels.

Fully integrated with SIMS
Reading Cloud library solutions are integrated with the SIMS database, allowing for easy automated creation of accounts, whilst at the same time providing essential reading statistics for educators and parents.

Reading Cloud provides all the information you need to instantly monitor and identify trends and target readers’ interests using excellent statistical information. 

Schools using Junior or (hosted) can now ensure the library and its resources are accessible anywhere, anytime and available to your whole school community. The app is a fantastic way to encourage parental engagement with reading.

The Reading Cloud App allows parents, students and teachers to access the school library from a smart phone or tablet.



AdobeStock 60266765Manage your school library with ease
With thousands of books to keep track of, you need a system to help simplify the administration associated with running your library.

With Reading Cloud, simply scan the ISBN barcode and the system does the rest. Reading Cloud then automatically adds information such as the title, author, synopsis and images.

Schools can track and trace resources easily, and manage the books leaving and being returned to the library, helping to inform purchasing decisions for popular books and reduce stock loss.

AB6 6490Support student learning

Engaging students to read to support their learning can be a challenge.

Reading Cloud allows students to create their own profiles and avatars, and add and chat to friends to share their thoughts about their favourite books and authors.

An automatic list of recommended reads helps students pick books similar to ones they have previously enjoyed.

Teachers can also reward avid readers and make interventions for any reluctant readers by tracking this through the system.

AdobeStock 1265197841 WEBMeeting curriculum objectives

Teachers can create targeted reading lists for specific year groups or class sets to support curricular topics.

Reading Cloud’s catalogue search function encourages children to actively search their school library online to develop their information seeking skills.

The blogging and reviewing area where students can write about their favourite books and authors, builds their confidence, social skills and understanding of texts.

AdobeStock 106025741Drive parental engagement

Reading Cloud is accessible from any internet-enabled device, meaning that parents can also access Reading Cloud at home.

Parents can monitor their child’s reading progress and assist with writing and filming book reviews to engage with their child’s learning.

Parents can also scan a book’s ISBN through the mobile app and get information on whether it’s in the school library.

A16 9998 0Track and evidence reading initiatives

The ability to track, report on and identify key reading trends in your school will prove invaluable when it comes to reporting.

With the key statistics Reading Cloud provides, you can see how many pupils are using your library, compare users by demographics and see the most popular titles in your school.

You can also compare the most popular books and authors across the complete Reading Cloud database, giving you an indication of which books to purchase for your school.



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