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Learning Management: Everest

Everest is the amazing new software solution from EDU365 that's been designed and built to simplify all the varied and complex tasks undertaken by teachers and school leadership teams.

Everest is an incredibly advanced and powerful system which, due to its thoughtfully designed interface, is also highly intuitive. Teachers love it because there is virtually no training required!

And Everest is a dream for school administrators too. Everything is hosted by us in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so we handle all the technical elements for you; set-up, updates, security, back-up and everything in-between.

Finally, with Everest, there is now a product that delivers on the promise of using IT to support definitive school improvement.

Built with efficiency and productivity at its core, Everest provides both a desktop and a mobile experience for seamless access to your school wherever you are. Our focused apps, for teachers, parents and students, are optimised to provide the tools that make practical sense as users move between their multiple devices.

Everest is a powerful, unified app that assists teachers and school leadership in delivering a first class education for their students. 

Teachers access a single, intuitive platform which can dramatically reduce time spent on admin tasks and help plan classes, track attendance, manage behaviour and grade papers. 

Benefits for teachers: 

  • Easy to use admin tools for teachers to record: 
    • Attendance - AM/PM sessions and lesson-by-lesson 
    • Behaviour & Merits  
    • Assessment and grading
  • Integrated Grade Book allows teachers the flexibility to enter grades on-the-fly at school or at home
  • Automatic write-back to SIMS and other school administration systems
  • Built with the school timetable at its core to facilitate: 
    • Automated organisation of resources, plans, homework and messages for classes
    • Simplification of repetitive tasks such as re-use of lesson plans and homework
  • Easy to use curriculum tools to manage: 
    • Homework  
    • Curriculum Planning 
    • Resources 
    • Lesson Planning 
  • User friendly, time-saving tools include: 
    • Task Management and reminders 
    • Messaging Centre for focused communication with staff, students and parents
  • Cross curricular key indicators provide visibility to help with decision making

The Everest Parent App assists parents in supporting their children at school. Parents are connected and informed on the daily progress of each child. The Everest iOS and Android apps provide everything a parent needs to monitor their child’s day-to-day workload and to help them keep on top of their homework.

With the Everest Parent App they can:

  • Browse their child’s school timetable so that you, and they, are fully prepared for what's ahead in the school week
  • Keep current on their child’s homework by viewing the resources and instructions provided by the teacher
  • Stay informed via in-app messages and other focused communications in the messaging centre
  • Keep track of progress and collaborate with teachers to ensure student success
  • View and download academic reports
  • Observe merits and awards
  • View detailed attendance information including lateness to lessons

Everest provides an easy to use desktop or mobile app that helps students meet the many challenges of the school day head on.  

Benefits for Students: 

  • iOS and Android apps provide everything a student needs to manage their day and keep on top of their homework  
  • A single place for students to easily access all resources for each class and to support them in completing their homework 
  • Keep track of their own progress and collaborate with teachers to ensure success

Benefits for the IT team:

The Everest Azure Cloud solution can provide significant cost savings for pressured IT Budgets in your school. The app greatly simplifies the complexity of IT provisions required for teachers to perform their duties. With Everest schools can dramatically reduce the number of applications they need to support and often can eliminate the need for expensive legacy remote access solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Citrix, typically used to allow teachers to work from home.

Benefits for the SLT:

Everest is intuitive and is proven to require minimal training for staff. As a result, the onboarding and change management burden is refreshingly light. This drives further efficiency for teachers providing more time for teaching and learning.

The Everest ‘E-Insight’ module provides live key metrics for senior leaders helping them with their management duties on areas such as enrolment, attendance, behaviour, achievements, assessment and more. In addition, Everest provides utilisation metrics for each functional area to help drive consistency and rapid adoption.

Everest is built to work with groups of schools. E-Insight can provide centralised management dashboards for Academies, Private School Groups and Education Ministries.


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Data Management: E-Insight

E-Insight enables you to track progress over time for a range of key metrics and indicators, such as the whole school, specific year groups, specific classes and subjects or individual students. Users can move between these views and drill down effortlessly, switching the scope of the data that they are seeing with just a click of a button.

Want to see last terms data or last academic year? No problem! With just a couple of intuitive clicks you can view the information that you want to see, without hunting around for it

E-Insight gives you the data that you need at your fingertips. No more chasing staff for a report or for an update on a student, class or year group. No need to spend time creating reports and updates for staff meetings, department meetings and student review meetings. E-Insight is every report you need and it is always ready and available to share for analysis, in meetings and reviews

With just a couple of clicks, E-Insight enables you to monitor and investigate your data as never before. Evaluate and analyse data from a school group level, all the way down to an individual student.


Government, Academies & Other Multi-School Environments

E-Insight Multi-School Edition is designed for Education Ministries, Local Authorities and MAT’s / Academy Groups who want to see the overall performance and status across all of their schools.

The aggregated view gives a clear illustration of group progress and performance and enables effective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of both the whole group and individual schools It can also facilitate the sharing of good practice, helping to guide targeted support and interventions across the group of schools.

The Dashboards enable the leadership team to gain a ‘big picture’ insight into and around the performance of all their schools, whilst also enabling easy drilling down. Individual school leaders can then see the performance indicators and key metrics related to their school.


We help schools innovate and grow.
Let's deliver the best solution for your school.

Information Management: ESS SIMS

The SIMS school management system has been established for decades and has been continuously refined to meet the changing needs of schools across the world. It is at the core of more than three-quarters of UK schools and although SIMS has its foundations in the UK curriculum it is also used worldwide by hundreds of schools in more than 40 countries. SIMS is proven to have the unique flexibility to operate in any environment.

ESS SIMS is a world-class management information system designed in partnership with Independent and International schools. More than 2.5 million children worldwide have their attendance recorded in SIMS everyday.

SIMS provides schools the freedom to focus on their true priority – improving outcomes for pupils. By delivering world class management information in a timely manner SIMS empowers schools to make data driven decisions and drive school improvement.

EDU365 understands that the process of moving to a new system can be daunting and in this summary we want to share with you why so many SIMS schools say that the effort to migrate to SIMS is worth it. There are many “Student Information Systems” on the market that can collect and collate data to varying degrees of depth. SIMS is not a Student Information system, it is the most robust, reliable and powerful school management tool on the market.

With a 35 year history of excellence, SIMS is the most comprehensive and integrated Management Information System available to help facilitate whole school improvement. SIMS provides comprehensive visibility into a school’s data to assist in raising standards of attendance, behaviour and student attainment. The solution set dramatically improves operational efficiency and drives accountability of students, teachers and parents. The Everest Learning Management Suite and In Touch communication tools foster an environment of collaboration between the key stakeholders in a child’s learning. Above all SIMS uniquely allows school management to make timely data driven decisions in regards to the day to day operation of their school.

If you don't measure, you can't improve.

Our schools tell us that once SIMS has been installed and implemented, the benefits that the additional features deliver greatly outweigh any inconvenience of change very quickly. Every year, 99.5% of SIMS customers renew their contracts and the number of schools committed to SIMS is still growing – almost a thousand new schools were welcomed to SIMS last year alone.