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Unbeatable Pricing on Windows 10 Laptops

Our education-ready, business-grade computers, from leading manufacturers such as DELL, HP, Lenovo and Apple, and are offered at the most AMAZING PRICES! Using the latest Microsoft Office 365 deployment tools, EDU365 can also delivery your machines pre-configured and ready for use by students and teachers – no more time consuming and costly imaging required.
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Consumer and Business grade models may look the same but they are very different propositions - here are some of the reasons why....

Built to Last. If you want a notebook that can survive drops and spills, a business system is more likely to take the abuse. Business grade machines are also built with higher quality, using higher quality components (processors, graphics cards, memory and hard drives).

Matte Displays with Better Viewing Angles. Glossy displays have become nearly ubiquitous on consumer notebooks, However, the glossier the display, the worse the viewing angles, especially when working in brightly lit areas like classrooms.

Better Keyboards. Business keyboards are much more tactile and responsive, in order to focus on productivity (aka typing!).

More expansion and connectivity options. Want to quickly plug in or unplug your laptop from an external monitor and the many peripherals you own? A business laptop is more likely to have a matching docking station or port replicator.

Replaceable, Extended Batteries. Most consumer grade units come with sealed batteries with fewer cells for a lower maximum runtime between charges. Our business grade devices have replaceable snap in batteries and options for additional runtime modules.

Long Life Span, More Serviceable. Because corporations hold onto their laptops for years, hardware vendors must keep offering parts and service. For that reason, business models usually stay on the market for longer and components, such as replacement batteries and AC Adapters, are available for many years.

Professional Grade Operating System. The Professional version of the operating system that comes on business PCs are another important difference many fail to consider. Consumer grade equipment comes with home grade operating systems that cannot be joined to your school network domain without an upgrade and additional cost.


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