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Microsoft Announces Partner of the Year winners

Microsoft announces Partner of the Year winners and finalists. Partners recognised for outstanding solutions built on Microsoft technology.  EDU365 are Finalists for the Public Sector: Education Award and also for the Cloud Packaged Solution Award in addition to winning Country Partner of the Year. REDMOND, Wash. — May 31  — Microsoft Cor...
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We are recruiting - Cayman Islands!

Network Support Technician - Level II.

Reporting to the Service Desk Manager you will provide second line technical support to users either in person, over the phone, or via remote software. You will be required to log time spent working on issues in the company CRM system and ensure service orders are worked/closed in a timely fashion.

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Not GDPR again!

While some of the dust is now finally beginning to settle after the GDPR whirlwind earlier this year, the UK DfE offers some interesting suggestions in this video on how schools everywhere can take positive steps towards becoming the masters of their important role as guardians of some of the most important and sensitive school data...

Computer Science Education Week

Did you know that experts estimate there will be 1.4 million computing jobs open in 2020 and only 400,000 students to fill them? Where are the missing million?  In this article Stacy Zeiger suggests some innovative way we can help bridge the gap in ICT....  Since 2013, Computer Science Education Week has been held during the second w...
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UK 'slips' as leading destination for international students

The UK, long-time holder of the #2 spot as the leading destination for international students (USA is #1) has been pushed out of this spot by Australia....  Australia overtaking UK for overseas students - BBC News Australia is overtaking the UK as the world's second biggest destination for international students.
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What's Math Got To Do With It? 5 Strategies to Connect Math and ESL

 Try these strategies to help students learn to speak the language of math in English. What's Math Got To Do With It? 5 Strategies to Connect Math and ESL Enter some description here...

Learn the art of classroom management for teachers

You can use this article ("classroom management") as a guideline for you whenever you need it. It helps you manage your classroom more effectively. This is a compilation from contributors and it also includes regular updates from a community of learners. Learn the art of classroom management for teachers - Classrr Blog As a teacher you want th...
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5 Summer Activities to Keep Kids Sharp during School Holidays

Every summer, we wonder about the same question: should students keep working during the summer to avoid dulling their minds? Or should they be granted this time to have fun? Here's the cheat answer: Both! 5 Summer Activities to Keep Kids Sharp during School Holidays - Beneylu Pssst Enter some description here...
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A teacher ponders...

 A teacher wonders how his own school experience impacted his teaching style and whether it should have.... History | Stack of Marking This is another one for I'm in it, but to counterbalance that it also features a whole range of articles on secondary education that you can use to cleanse yourself after reading my shti...
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Technology Does Not Magically Make Teaching/Learning Better

 There is a myth out there that integrating technology in your classroom makes you a better teacher........... The Nerdy Teacher: Technology Does Not Magically Make Teaching/Learning Better Enter some description here...
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Teacher Myth: Teachers Can Prepare for Everything, All the Time

 Schools, Parents and Students place great expectations on the content and delivery of lessons by Teachers. But Teachers are only human - they cant get everything right all the time.....can they? Teacher Myth: Teachers Can Prepare for Everything, All the Time - Work in Progress - Education Week Teacher Life is unpredictable and so are the even...
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15 Easy Peer Teaching Strategies to Help Students

Bring up peer teaching in a room filled with your colleagues. You'll almost certainly get mixed reviews, which raise lingering questions. How can educators effectively run peer teaching activities? Are they even worthwhile, according to research? 15 Easy Peer Teaching Strategies to Help Students Is peer teaching right for your class? Find out by re...
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BYOD - Beware!

BYOD. It sounds such a simple and obvious answer to any schools technology constraints. But beware! Its much more complex than it first appears....  3 Reasons to Think Twice Before Implementing a Required BYOD Program -- THE Journal Schools that implement BYOD programs will choose one or both of two approaches: required BYOD and supplemental B...
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We are recruiting!

EDU365 are recruiting in the Cayman Islands. Come work with our award-winning team....Apply Now!  Job Opportunities Enter some description here...

Meditation in Schools

Bringing meditation into the classroom, helping to decrease stress and increasing focus – all for free! Get this how-to guide from QuietKit.... Meditation in Schools: A how-to guide from QuietKit Bring meditation into your classroom or school, helping to decrease stress and increase focus, all for free, from QuietKit!
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Remixing traditional lessons with tech: a framework you can use

Often, teachers try to bring technology into the classroom by "teching up" their old lessons. They hope that they'll get big, lasting change from a little bit of tech fairy dust. Many times, it doesn't change the overall learning experience much — and sometimes detracts from it..... Top EdTech Update EdTech Learning Content for Tue.May 09, 2017 Bes...
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UK: EdTech Leaders in Europe?

What's your view? Does the UK really lead the field in Europe when it come to EdTech?  Three reasons the UK is leading Europe in EdTech Benoit Wirz, investment partner at Brighteye Ventures, highlights why the UK can lead the way in EdTech.

Introducing EdTech - know when, know how.

A new Report from McKinsey Consulting re-affirms the fact that you cannot simply introduce laptops into a classroom and just sit back and wait for the result to improve. With mounting evidence that doing this can even be counter-productive it's now more important then ever to know when and how to introduce educational technology...
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Top Tips for Assessment in SIMS

SIMS Consultant Barbara Denning shares ten ways to use SIMS and SIMS Discover to ensure every pupil achieves their potential  Ten ways you can make the most of assessing in SIMS | Capita Independent Anyone who has invited me to their school to demonstrate how they can make the most of SIMS will know of my enthusiasm for SIMS Assessment an...
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Indispensable OneNote

Jacqueline Campbell, Computing Science teacher at St Mungo's RC High School in Falkirk, Scotland charts her schools 'transformational' journey using Microsoft OneNote... How OneNote has become integral to learning at a high school in Scotland - Office Blogs
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